AWYCYCLE - cosmetic packaging from post consumer & post industrial resin (PCR/PIR)
True post-consumer recycled material
•The origin of the used PCR can be certified by a third party
Sustainability through circular approach
•Deployment of PCR/PIR supports the circular economy approach
Virgin plastics made completely redundant
•AWANTYS' biocompound RCM-1801 can replace parts with bulk contact
•The packaging can be recycled in existing waste management systems
Competitive pricing
•PCR/PIR is typically cheaper than bioplastics
The environmental impact
Recycled PP (PCR) with significantly lower environmental impacts than virgin PP
Savings of environmental impacts of recycled PP (PCR) vs. virgin PP

Remark: Calculation based on „cut off“ logic
1. Solid waste excluding contaminants removed from incoming material. These contaminants are not caused by recycling and would have been disposed as waste regardless of whether postconsumer plastic recycling takes place
Source: Life cycle impacts for postconsumer recycled resins: PET, HDPE and PP (2018), Franklin Associates, A Division of Eastern Research Group

Configure your brand‘s individual AWYCYCLE jar
The economics
What is the MOQ for AWYCYCLE products?
With regard to standardized packaging, the MOQ depends on the specific packaging type you are looking for. With regard to client-specific designs, the MOQ is calculated and defined per project.
What is the price difference between articles from PCR/PIR and from virgin plastics?
The price level of PCR/PIR material depends on the quantity of material ordered. Currently, the price level of recycled material is slightly below that of virgin material. Since the availability of PCR/PIR material is - per definition - limited, this price level can change.
The product
Can existing molds be used to process PCR/PIR?
Yes, this is generally feasible.
Is the PCR/PIR material used for AWYCYCLE REACH-compliant?
Yes, it is.
Can AWYCYCLE articles be finished/decorated?
Yes, like articles from vrigin plastics, AWYCYCLE articles can be finished (e.g., with metallization or varnishing) and decorated (e.g., with tampon printing, silk-screen printing and/or digital printing).
Can the PCR/PIR material only be used for standardized articles or also for client-specific designs?
The PCR/PIR material used in the scope of AWYCYCLE can be deployed for both standardized and customized packaging.
Can existing virgin plastic pieces (e.g., jar inner parts) also be combined with AWYCYCLE components (e.g., jar outer parts)?
Yes, this is generally feasible but requires a prior check by AWANTYS' R&D department.
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