AWYWHITE® - luxurious and sustainable primary packaging from real porcelain
Two use cases for AWYWHITE® (taking jars as an example)
Use case 1
The ‘dish washer’ approach
Use case 2
The ‘plug & play’ approach
True differentiator
•Porcelain as unique material for cosmetic packaging
100% natural, widely available inputs
•Porcelain consists of the natural inputs kaolin, felspar & quartz
No plastics needed
•Combining AWYWHITE® with RCM-1801 makes plastics redundant
Refill design feasible
•‘Unlimited’ durability of porcelain allows refill use cases
Modest mold costs
•Porcelain molds are considerably cheaper than injection molds
Configure your brand‘s individual AWYWHITE® design
The economics
What is the MOQ for AWYWHITE® products?
The MOQ depends on whether you are looking for a standardized design or a customized solution. Please reach out to us for information on the MOQ for your individual project.
What is the price of AWYWHITE® products?
The price depends on the ordered quantity, the chosen decorations as well as on the configuration of the packaging item (e.g., a closure with or without decoration, a jar with or without inner part). Please reach out to us for an individual offer.
The product
Where does AWANTYS produce AWYWHITE® articles?
AWYWHITE® articles are produced in the European Union.
Is AWYWHITE® available for standardized designs only or also for client-specific designs?
Besides standardized designs, also client-specific designs can be produced in porcelain.
Is porcelain food safe?
Yes, like tableware, also the porcelain used for AWYWHITE® articles is food safe.
Can AWYWHITE® articles be colored and/or decorated?
Yes, AWYWHITE® articles can be colored and decorated - both simple logos as well as filigree, extensive artworks can be realized.
How stable are AWYWHITE® articles?
The stability of AWYWHITE® articles is comparable to that of glass.
Can there be embossed artworks on the porcelain's surface?
Yes, embossed artworks are feasible.
Can AWYWHITE® also be used for other packaging items or just for jars?
Yes, AWYWHITE® is also feasible for other items such as perfume closures or bottles both in regular and irregular shapes.
Can AWYWHITE® components also be combined with components from other materials?
Yes, that is generally feasible (e.g., a jar or closure from porcelain could be combined with a closure or jar from wood, alumnium, (PCR) plastics or AWYVERDE® (AWANTYS' proprietary sustainable biocompound).
Can existing plastic inner parts from other projects also be used in AWYWHITE® jars?
Yes, that is generally feasible after a check by AWANTYS' R&D department.
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