AWYOCEAN - AWANTYS‘ proprietary solution for packaging in Ocean Plastics
Samples available
Significant reduction of CO2 emissions
Recyclable like virgin plastics
Industrialization successfully validated
Packaging production in Europe
Existing and new molds usable
The USPs of AWYOCEAN packaging
Truly sustainable differentiator at the POS
AWYOCEAN provably reduces the environmental damage by Ocean Plastics
Contribution to the circular economy approach
AWYOCEAN packaging can be recycled in existing plastic waste streams
Certificates available
Certificates verifying the origin and quality of the material can be provided
No specific CAPEX investments needed
AWYOCEAN plastics can be processed in existing molds
All conventional decoration technologies applicable
E.g., silk-screen/tampon/digital printing, hot stamping UV-metallization and -varnishing
Clients can choose among five collection zones for their AWYOCEAN packaging1
A. Offshore: Garbage patches far from shore2
B. Nearshore: Shallow waters (incl. recycled nets)
C. Streams: Ocean inflows such as rivers/deltas
D. Coastal: Coastlines such as beaches
E. Ocean-bound: Up to 50km from the shore
1. Subject to availability 2. Mainly HDPE since it floats
The economics
What mold costs must be covered to produce AWYOCEAN components?
Molds for AWYOCEAN plastics are designed in the same way as for virgin plastics. Besides, AWANTYS offers a range of standardized jars and perfume closures which can be made from AWYOCEAN plastics for which no mold costs incur.
What is the MOQ for AWYOCEAN components?
That depends on the amount of material needed for your packaging. An economical production is typically feasible as of 2 metric tons of material.
What is the price of AWYOCEAN products?
The price depends on a number of parameters such as (a) the amount of material per packaging, (b) the number of pieces, (c) the collection zone, (d) the certification required etc. Hence, there is no generally valid answer to this question.
What is the price for sampling packaging in AWYOCEAN?
AWANTYS will provide an offer based on your individual requirements. Please note that there is a price surcharge for sampling material batches.
The product
What types of plastics does AWYOCEAN include?
Where is the AWYOCEAN material collected?
The material is sourced from a global network of recyclers - predominantly in Southeast Asia where 60% of the Ocean Plastics comes from. However, AWANTYS can also supply Ocean Plastics from other regions such as Europe.
Can AWYOCEAN packaging be decorated?
AWYOCEAN components can be decorated using all known decoration technologies such as tampon printing, silk-screen printing, hot stamping, digital printing, varnishing and metallization.
How is the material quality monitored?
Third party laboratories are commissioned to test mechanical parameters such as melt point, melt flow or density. Beyond, chemical contamination screens can be conducted to ensure compliance with REACH or other regulations. Besides, each batch of AWYOCEAN material comes with a Certificate confirming that it was collected in the collection area selected by the client.
Where does AWANTYS produce AWYOCEAN packaging?
AWYOCEAN packaging components are produced in European and Asian factories. AWANTYS' customers are informed about the intended production location before ordering.
Is AWYOCEAN material PCR (post-consumer resin)?
Yes, it is. PCR refers to any plastics collected after its use by end consumers for the purpose of re-using it. AWYOCEAN material is PCR specifically collected offshore, nearshore, from the coast, waterways or the 50km zone - depending on which collection area AWANTYS' client selects.
Is packaging from Ocean Plastics recyclable?
Yes, Ocean Plastic packaging goes into the same recycling streams as packaging from its virgin counterparts.
I received samples from you. Where was the material used for these samples collected?
For our AWYOCEAN samples, we typically use material collected in Europen nearshore waters (zone B). Yet, to be 100% sure, please reach out to us on that question with regard to the specific samples you received.
Does AWYOCEAN help to achieve carbon neutrality?
It does. Replacing virgin plastics by recycled plastics reduces greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Corporations seeking carbon neutrality mostly see a positive bottom-line effect because the higher material costs are over-compensated by a reduction of carbon offsets that need to be bought.
Can the mere AWYOCEAN material also be bought from AWANTYS?
No, as a primary packaging developer and producer, AWANTYS does not sell the mere material.
Why is plastic collected on land within 50 km from the coastline still sold as AWYOCEAN?
Independent research shows that a significant share of plastics consumed within that zone ends up in the ocean (Jambeck et al, Science 2015). Once in the ocean, collecting plastics is comparably energy-consuming and expensive. Since AWYOCEAN aims at the reduction of plastics in the oceans, ocean-bound plastics within the 50 km zone is also defined as Ocean Plastics. However, AWANTYS' clients can opt for material actually collected in the ocean.
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