AWYSTONE® - primary cosmetics packaging from real marble & granite
Various colors available in marble & granite (selection only)
Each item is truly unique
•Each piece has its own, unique marble/granite structure
Real differentiator
•Marble/granite as unique materials for cosmetics packaging
No plastics needed
•Combining AWYSTONE® with RCM-1801 makes plastics redundant
Refill design feasible
•‘Unlimited’ durability of marble/granite allows refill use cases
Very low mold investments for stone pieces required
•For the production of marble & granite pieces, there are hardly any project-specific mold costs to be covered
Configure your brand‘s individual AWYSTONE® design
The economics
What mold costs must be covered to produce AWYSTONE® components?
Due to the underlying technology, there are practically no mold costs. All articles are manufactured invidually on different machines. For some selected outer shapes and in case of larger quantities, the deployment of project-specific molds might be efficient - however, their costs are below 5% of the costs for corresponding injection molds.
What is the MOQ for AWYSTONE® products?
The production of AWYSTONE® articles is carried out without continuously running molds, i.e. each part is manufactured individually. Hence, the MOQ is very variable - from single pieces up to big serial production quantities. Please reach out to us for an individual offer.
What is the price of AWYSTONE® products?
The price depends on the ordered quantity, the chosen design and particularly on the specific marble or granite selected. Beyond, additional features such as inner parts, accessories or additional decorations influence the price. Please reach out to us for an individual offer.
The product
Where does AWANTYS produce AWYSTONE® articles?
AWYSTONE® articles are produced in Europe
Is AWYSTONE® available for standardized designs only or also for client-specific designs?
Since all AWYSTONE® components are manufactured invidually, there is no differentiation between standardized and customized designs.
Is AWYSTONE® food safe?
Since an AWYSTONE® component is made of a 100% natural material which contains a lot of minerals, it is not food safe. That is why AWANTYS always uses inserts from food safe materials (i.e., plastics, biocompound), which contain and protect the bulk.
Can AWYSTONE® articles be decorated?
Yes, AWYSTONE® articles can be decorated with tampon, silk-screen or digital printing as well as with hot foil stamping.
Can AWYSTONE® articles be colored?
AWYSTONE® articles cannot be colored. Due to their natural structure both marble and granite have an invidiual color which cannot be changed. Beyond, due to its natural origin marble and granite do also exhibit color and structural differences within the same material batch which also visiually express their natural origin. Unlike for other materials, these differences are not a sign of poor quality but express the high value of a natural product. As a result, each piece is a truly unique specimen.
What is the minimum wall thickness of AWYSTONE® components?
The minimum wall thickness depends on the specific type of marble or granite chosen. As a rule of thumb, marble's minimum wall thickness is 3.0 - 3.5 mm, while that of granite - due to its more brittle structure - is roughly 4.0 mm.
Which types of surfaces can be realized with AWYSTONE®?
Both marble and granite can be delivered with a mat or polished surface. The softer and more porous the specific material type, the lower the gleam.
Can there be embossed artworks on an AWYSTONE® article?
Yes, embossed artworks are feasible.
For which packaging items can AWYSTONE® be deployed?
Depending on the specific design, AWYSTONE® can be used for almost all packaging items in the cosmetics industry, e.g., fragrance closures, jars, nail polish caps or compacts. AWYSTONE® allows to manufacture designs with both regular and irregular shapes.
Can AWYSTONE® components also be combined with components from other materials?
Yes, that is generally feasible (e.g., a jar or closure from AWYSTONE® could be combined with a closure or jar from wood, alumnium, (PCR/PIR) plastics or AWYVERDE® (AWANTYS' proprietary sustainable biocompound).
Can existing plastic inner parts from other projects also be used in AWYSTONE® jars?
Yes, that is generally feasible after a check by AWANTYS' R&D department.
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