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AWANTYS is always focused on offering our customers innovations which enable them to highlight their products among the large number of cosmetic products. This time AWANTYS has taken the word “highlight” literally and developed a possibility to implement real light into primary packaging components – a new special possibility to highlight the products of our customers. Our innovation called AWYLIGHT® offers the implementation of various LED´s which are integrated in the primary packaging components such as perfume caps, jars or any other components.

Our customers are able to integrate one LED or more. It depends on the size and the available space for the LED’s. We are able to provide different colors and effects with LED’s.

We offer 3 options how to switch on/off the light.

1. Motion sensor – by touching the bottles theled starts to shine and turns of autonomously
2. Contact switch – switch on and off when lifting the cap from the bottle
3. Permanent light

The visual effect is to highlight the products from others. Our customers can use different colored LED’s and of course they have different optical effects highlighting logos, components or the complete package.

For more information visit us at cosmetic business 2017 in munich from june 21- june 22, 2017 or contact us by email: carsten.Wolansky@awantys.Com or phone: +49 (0)2262 72400

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