AWYSLATE® - primary packaging decorations in real slate
Numerous flexible and rigid slate types available

Please note that this is only a selection from our broad portfolio of slate types.

Beyond the decorations in real slate, there are also decorations in other materials available such as real sand or rust.

Each item is truly unique
•Each piece has its own, unique slate structure
Real differentiator
•Slate is a unique material to be used for cosmetics packaging
No CAPEX investments needed
•There are no project-specific mold costs to process slate
Low MOQs
•As compared to conventional decorations, MOQs are lower
Versatile options for application
•Slate can be applied to straight and round surfaces
The economics
What mold costs must be covered to produce AWYSLATE® components?
There are no project-specific mold costs for AWYSLATE® components if the elements can be assembled directly on the primary packaging such as the glass bottle (see reference project Bentley Momentum Unbreakable). In case you would like to hem your slate components with a specific mounting, this can cause additional mold costs (see reference project Victorinox Rock).
What is the MOQ for AWYSLATE® components?
Basically, the MOQs for AWYSLATE® components are comparably low - yet, they ultimately depend on the size of your decoration. Please reach out to us for an individual offer.
What is the price of AWYSLATE® products?
The price depends on the ordered quantity, the chosen design and particularly on the specific slate selected. Beyond, additional features such as the utilization of plastic mountings or the application of additional decorations such as digital printings have an influence on the price. Please reach out to us for an individual offer.
The product
Where does AWANTYS produce AWYSLATE® articles?
AWYSLATE® components are cut out in Europe.
Can AWYSLATE® articles be decorated?
AWYSLATE® components can be decorated using digital printings (see reference project Bentley Momentum Unbreakable).
Can AWYSLATE® components only be applied to straight or also to round surfaces?
Since AWANTYS offers slate components as flexible and rigid components, they can be applied to both straight and round surfaces.
Can AWYSLATE® components be applied to flexible surfaces?
AWYSLATE® components can only be applied to rigid surfaces (e.g., glass). They cannot be assembled on flexible surfaces such as tubes.
Can AWYSLATE® components also be bought from AWANTYS without any further primary packaging components?
That is possible.
Who assembles the AWYSLATE® components with the other primary packaging?
That service is offered by AWANTYS and executed in Europe.
Are the surfaces of AWYSLATE® components identical?
Since slate is a natural product, there are - like in nature - different structures from one slate component to the other. However, this is not a sign of inferior quality but emphasizes the authenticity of the product.
On which primary packaging can AWYSLATE® components be applied?
Basically, AWYSLATE® components can be assembled on any rigid surface.
Can AWYSLATE® components be combined with components from other materials?
Yes, since AWYSLATE® only serves as a decoration but is not a primary packaging itself, the combination with components from other materials (e.g., glass bottles or plastic closures) is necessary.
Is it possible to use the same technology as for AWYSLATE® to produce decorative elements from other materials?
Yes, besides slate, the technology also allows to apply other natural materials such as sand or rust.
Are there any AWYSLATE® reference projects realized by AWANTS?
Yes, AWANTYS has realized projects such as Bentley Momentum Unbreakable and Victorinox Rock with AWYSLATE® components.
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