Against the background of many years of experience in developing and producing packaging components for the international cosmetics industry, AWANTYS Group was chosen as provider of the innovative packaging system for the new STAR WARS fragrance. Ultimate goal was to adapt the pushing of the light button on the lightsaber in order to transfer the feeling, the emotion and the power from the movie to the fragrance. Hence, the idea was not just to create another perfume cap but a functional packaging system which has clear links to the STAR WARS story. The outcome of the joint efforts of AWANTYS Group and its client is a screw cap which uncovers the actuator by pushing a button on the surface of the bottle – visually similar to the real lightsaber. Through the also acoustically and haptically perceptible opening and closing of the cap, the mechanism conveys clearly when it is ‘ready-to-use’. The distinct colorings along the three lines ‘Empire for Man’, ‘Jedi for Man’ and ‘Amidala for Woman’ emphasize the high quality and exclusivity of this unique flacon design.
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