At the start  of this project, AWANTYS Group received some very clear guidelines from its client in V.A.E.:
  • Visual and technical design of an exlusive and high quality jar whose shape adapts the form of a crystal
  • Sharp-edged surfaces of the crystal
  • High transparency
  • No visible injection points
  • Decoration with real gold and Swarovski stones
Against this background, AWANTYS Group designed an outer shape with 36 surfaces, i.e. 18 on the cap and 18 on the jar itself which are connected via a ring that is decorated with real gold and Swarovski stones. Given AWANTYS Group’s expertise in processing Surlyn from DuPont, that material was chosen to realize the transparent outer parts imitating the crystal. The ring is made from ABS whereas for all other parts PP is used. While the ABS ring is coated with real gold, all other golden parts are metallized. The processing of six different materials and types of decoration requires a strong know-how in order to meet the quality demands of the client. The outcome of the joint efforts of AWANTYS Group and its clients is a unique jar characterized by a unique outer shape. The latter is the reason why the jar always lies at the side and thereby always draws the consumer’s attention to the logo ‘eve-laor’. In the end, its innovative shape in combination with the high-quality of both materials and workmanship make the jar an objet d’art.
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